The Tamworth originated in Ireland where they were known as “Irish Grazers”, being given that name due to the fact that they were such wonderful foragers. About 1812 Sir Robert Peel, being impressed with the characteristic of these hogs, imported some of them to his estate at Tamworth, England. It is from this place they derived their name. An English authority, who calls it the “Mahogany” or “Grizzly” pig, says it was extensively bred in several of the midland counties of England early in the nineteenth century, when the droves were mainly kept in the woods and forests. They are not a composite breed, and are thought by many to be one of the oldest and purest breeds in Britain.*

Tamworth pigs have a good temperament, are hardy, and produce great tasting meat. We house our pigs with outdoor access year round. In the summer we have pig pastures where they can root and forage. We keep our pigs in groups including the boar, unless they are farrowing or nursing babies. They get along well with each other and are easy for us to handle and move around the farm.

We raise both purebred and tamworth crosses.

We have piglets for sale in the spring and fall but frequently have a waiting list. We strongly recommend reserving your piglets. Our piglets and pork are certified organic by MOFGA.

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