Norwegian Fjords are one of the oldest equine breeds in the world. They are known for their versatility, hardiness and their willing nature. We have found them to be ideal for the small family farm, where they might have a different job everyday – plowing the fields one day, giving kids riding lessons the next, and going for a drive the next. They have a very gentle nature, are curious and always eager to know what is going on.

We use our fjords for work and play. They cultivate 4 acres of organic vegetables, make hay, haul sap for maple syrup, spread manure, haul firewood, and we ride and drive them in our free time. The fjords are an ideal small farm and family horse for the diversity of tasks one horse can do well. We are currently only breeding a very limited number of foals.


Our stallion – MVF Karimann

Known around the farm as Coro, Karimann has proven himself by passing on his quality traits to his offspring. His elegance, balance and beauty are consistently seen in his foals. Coro has excellent bone, a beautiful head and eye and a wonderful temperament. His sons and daughters also display these traits, allowing them to fulfill many diverse rolls including workhorses, driving horses, therapeutic horses, pleasure and competitive riding horses. Coro has sired over 30 foals of excellent temperament and confirmation. Coro is available to a limited number of  mares live cover each season.


Our Mares

The backbone of the herd is our excellent group of mares. These mares have diverse pedigrees, but are all from excellent, proven lines. We strive to have a group of mares that represent all types of fjords from the lighter athletic fjord to the draft type working fjord. Although they are all different, our mares are all complimented by our stallion and have consistently produced a fine crop of foals.

Hedi – The matron of our herd, Hedi is the mother of many foals. She is now retired from everything except taking the kids for rides

Fjorgyn– daughter of Karimann, Fjorgyn is one of our primary workhorses.

Odden’s Kristi – daughter of Smedsmo Graen, Kristi is just beginning her career as a draft horse and farm companion

Cajsa – daughter of Coro and Hedi

Ans– Ans was a solid dependable and trusting workhorse and companion. She gave us two foals who inherited her traits. Ans died in 2012. We are lucky to have worked with a horse with her big heart.

Sasha – Sasha was our best working mare. Her attitude and willingness were beyond measure. Sasha died in the winter of 2014, and is sorely missed. She had three foals by our stallion Karimann.

Rosie – Although not a fjord, Rosie is our beloved Shetland Pony and honorary member of our fjord herd.



Our young  group of geldings is preparing to take on more of the farm work form our older horses.

Grane – our uncle to the young herd, Grane is one of our primary workhorses and teacher to the young horses

Hans – son of Ans, Hans has all the excellent qualities of his mother

Helix – son of Erland and Fjorgyn

Ivan – son of Cajsa, Ivan is the most gentle of all the foals ever born on Mandala Farm.