Our Mission

At Mandala Farm, we believe that farms should be a centerpiece of the larger community, a place where people can still feel connected to the land and to their food. We also have a commitment to the land, to make it more healthy and fertile than when we came to it. We use our horses as much as possible, farm organically, and use sustainable woodlot management practices to achieve this goal.


At Mandala Farm we specialize in farming with Fjords. These horses provide us with the horespower we need to plow and cultivate our gardens, bring in our hay, haul out firewood and help with our other farm chores. In addition to the Norwegian Fjords and the crops they help bring in, we raise Cashmere goats, chickens, sheep, cows and pigs. We raise these animals for fiber and meat. They are all grass-fed, naturally raised, free of hormones and antibotics, as is best for their health and ours.