We have lambs available for sale in early spring. Contact us to reserve one. Our sheep are Romney crosses. We have selected our small flock to be winter hardy and to be parasite resistant.


Cashmere Goats

Our small herd of cashmere goats produce one of the worlds most luxurious fibers. Cashmere goats grow a fine hair as their winter undercoat. Each spring they shed this cherished fiber, which can be either combed out or shorn. Cashmere goats are not recognized as a purebred, but rather are selected from many breeds for the quality of fiber. In the US, many goats are from Australia and New Zealand or are selected from Spanish and dairy goats already in the States. Goats love to browse woody plants, and are great at reclaiming old pasture. Good fences are required, however, since goats will find any shortcomings in your fences as an opportunity to browse the flower beds.


Goats make wonderful pets and companions and are highly trainable. They can be trained to lead, pull carts or used as pack animals. We find that the cashmere is an added benefit to the wonderful nature of the goat.

Our goats come from highly rated bloodlines and have excellent fiber. We usually have young stock for sale in the late spring. Contact us for availability.

Other livestock you might see on our farm

Our two milk cows and their calves. We milk for our family only and do not sell milk.


Our flock of ducks and bantams, which started as a project by our children. We find these birds highly entertaining and fun to have waddling around the farm.

You will also see various other animals including bunnies, dogs and cats that are part of our farm family.