Organic Produce

We have four acres in mixed vegetables. We use our fjord horses for all the horsepower in the gardens, from plowing, to spreading compost to cultivating. We sell our vegetables at our local Farmer’s Market in Winter Harbor, at our Farm Store, through our CSA and to several local restaurants.

Where to Find Our Produce

At the farm – Our farm store is open daily from April through November. We welcome visitors to the farm.

Winter Harbor Farmer’s Market – Tuesdays from 9-12 beginning June 17th and running through August 26th

Many local stores and restaurants including – Morning Glory Bakery, Cafe This Way, Havana, Mache Bistro, and John Edwards

Organic Eggs

Our flock of 200 hens provide us with a multitude of eggs throughout the summer. The hens have free access to the outdoors during the day- We close them up at night to protect them from predators. Our eggs are certified organic by MOFGA.

Organic Meat

Organic Chicken and Turkey – We raise our meat birds in moveable pens called chicken tractors. The birds are able to graze and spread their manure as we move them daily across the pastures. Our chickens are certified organic by MOFGA